Frequently Asked Questions

Challenge.Gives is an online advertising agency helping small businesses to get new paying clients daily. 
We have started our own GPT site to better track, monitor and deploy micro tasks given to us by clients. 
All admin tasks and advertisements offered on our website have been pre-paid 1 -3 months into the future and are 100% financially accounted for. This means you are guaranteed 100% of your money earned if you completed our tasks properly. 

With your help fulfilling tasks, our company will have no problem renewing contracts every 3 months while at the same time bringing in new paying advertisers. It is worth noting our average client stays with us for 2 - 3 years. 

In addition to hiring contractors to complete tasks, view advertisements and stay active. We provide tools and resources to help you better position yourself in your market and get paid the price you are asking. By joining our community, you too can learn working strategies to make money online in 2021.

This is who we are and you are?

Unfortunately you may not log in to our web site from a mobile device. This has been tried and tested before and user abuse was at it's all time highest. You can only work from a laptop or desktop computer in your own home using a residential connection. Accessing our website from public networks, corporate networks or mobile hotspot networks is not allowed and you will not be paid if found breaking these site rules. 

Professional Clickers are allowed to use mobile devices but we do not currently have the full configuration for it yet. Please continue accessing the website via a computer only for now while we finish implementing additional fixes.

You can contact support in 1 of 2 ways. 
#1 Add us on Telegram @ChallengeGives
#2 Send Admin an Email: [email protected]

Before contacting us, please read the terms of service in full + FAQ to make sure we have not answered your question already.

UPDATE: As of February 28th, 2021 there are over 350 ways for you to get paid!
Click Here To Learn How It Works

Withdrawals: We offer 2 forms of withdrawals and you are going to love both of them! 

  • On-Site Withdrawals: Cash out via Payeer, Perfect Money, Airtm, Paypal, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin.
  • Off-Site Withdrawals: (Up to 15% Withdrawal Bonus - RecommendedCash Out In Over 350 Different Ways. For full details, click here

Unverified Deposits: Unverified deposits are deposits made using any cryptocurrencies which pose no chargeback risk to us so we do not need any verification from you.

Verified Deposits: We accept Paypal, Cash App & Debit Card transactions after your account has been fully verified. if you wish to deposit money into your account using high risk payments then send us a message to get started. We do not accept third party payments from anyone. Any payments processed without verification will be paused until we can confirm you are the owner of the card or payment processor being used. 

If your preferred payment method is not listed on our website, send admin an email [email protected]

Our website has been optimized from the ground up to deliver fast speeds and is hosted on a single high capacity dedicated server with zero neighbors.
We operate behind a firewall to further cache our website and improve loading speeds. 
DDOS protection is proudly provided by
We have stress-tested our servers with thousands of hits per second without going over 5% of server resource usage, you can feel confident about sending high traffic to our servers as we are more than ready to handle just about any traffic coming our way.
Secure Backups:
We perform 2 encrypted backups daily which get automatically uploaded to wasabi servers with custom restrictions preventing files from being modified or deleted for a minimum period of 6 months.  In addition, we maintain encrypted local copies as well as third party backups on citizens servers ensuring your data is always safe with us. 
We go above and beyond to make sure that our website will remain up during high traffic usage or high scale targeted attacks and just in case our systems are defeated, we maintain as much information as possible 100% encrypted so harmful actors are left with nothing.

We do not remove accounts for inactivity
We will not reset your user balance for inactivity
We will not place limits on your account because you make "too much" money from referrals
We are a legit business. If you are making money, then we are too

We are NOT a no minimum payout website
We do NOT have a fixed minimum cashout 

Due to the nature of our business and the payments we are dealing in. Some payment processors are almost impossible to use for cashing out small amounts. For example: BTC (bitcoin) sending fees are $20 - $30, we couldn't possibly send you a cashout payment of $0.25 and expect either your or our company to cover such ridiculous fees. If for example, you are requesting to cash out amounts like $500+ with Bitcoin. We have no problems covering the fees to process the transaction. 

For micro transactions under $20, we have partnered with your most preferred payment methods that support micro transactions such as Airtm, Payeer, Perfect Money, & Bitcoin Cash. You can request low minimums with these payment methods and we will have no problems covering sending fees as long as they are reasonable BUT be reminded we are not responsible for sending fees, we are currently choosing to cover most sending fees without a plan to either stop or keep doing it. 

Bait & Switch Tactics
We will NOT mislead you
We will NEVER make the # of ads required to earn from referrals higher than the number of ads available to avoid paying you
We will NOT ask the president of your country to call us to verify your withdrawal
We will always be clear and upfront with you

We can already forsee a future where massive amounts of members choose to request tiny amounts of money such as $0.05, 0.25, $0.50, etc etc & we have no plans to implement a minimum payout to prevent this. However do keep in mind, as a business we focus on completing revenue generating tasks first and while making payments is one of them, getting bombarded with tons of tiny payouts will simply cause our staff to focus on sending bigger payments first, answering support tickets, providing help, running the business day to day operations, and only then continue to process micro transactions. You can help us by requesting larger amounts and only requesting payments under $1 every so often. Please do not be the member cashing out tiny amounts daily instead of once a week or every other day.

Las but not least, please understand we are not here to scam you or implement nonsense withdrawal restrictions. We value our time because we use it to generate revenue and being tasked to send tiny payments is not part of our business plan. Yes, we do understand the importance of implementing instant withdrawals, and everything will happen with time and patience, so why not grow together and take it one step at a time?

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