Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Challenge.Gives is an online advertising agency helping small businesses to get new paying clients daily. 
We have started our own GPT site to better track, monitor and deploy micro tasks given to us by clients. 
All admin tasks and advertisements offered on our website have been pre-paid 1 -3 months into the future and are 100% financially accounted for.

This means you are guaranteed 100% of your money earned if you completed our tasks properly. 

With your help fulfilling tasks, our company will have no problem renewing contracts every 3 months while at the same time bringing in new paying advertisers. It is worth noting our average client stays with us for 2 - 3 years. 

In addition to hiring contractors to complete tasks, view advertisements and stay active. We provide tools and resources to help you better position yourself in your market and get paid the price you are asking. By joining our community, you too can learn working strategies to make money online in 2021.

This is who we are and you are?


It is extremely important that you read and agree to our terms of service before registering, and using our website and services. This will guarantee that you know of our rules, and never break them so you can get paid by us. Other than that, it is very easy to get paid by us. Prior to requesting a withdrawal, a one-time deposit of no less than $5 is required in order to deter cheaters. Users who do not wish to deposit cannot withdraw earnings, and can only use them for advertising. 

We offer many ways to earn money at our site.
Here's a list Of Our Most Popular Ways:
Watching Videos
Surfing Websites
Completing Surveys
Completing onsite & third party offers
Posting on the forum
Promoting your referral link
Playing the wingrid
+ many more ways we may seasonally introduce

You can contact support in 1 of 2 ways. 
#1 Add us on Telegram @ChallengeGives
#2 Send Admin an Email: [email protected]

Before contacting us, please read the terms of service in full + FAQ to make sure we have not answered your question already.

Our website has been optimized from the ground up to deliver fast speeds and is hosted on a single high capacity dedicated server with zero neighbors.
We operate behind a firewall to further cache our website and improve loading speeds. 
DDOS protection is proudly provided by
We have stress-tested our servers with thousands of hits per second without going over 5% of server resource usage, you can feel confident about sending high traffic to our servers as we are more than ready to handle just about any traffic coming our way.
Secure Backups:
We perform 2 encrypted backups daily which get automatically uploaded to wasabi servers with custom restrictions preventing files from being modified or deleted for a minimum period of 6 months.  In addition, we maintain encrypted local copies as well as third party backups on citizens servers ensuring your data is always safe with us. 
We go above and beyond to make sure that our website will remain up during high traffic usage or high scale targeted attacks and just in case our systems are defeated, we maintain as much information as possible 100% encrypted so harmful actors are left with nothing.

We remove accounts after 70 days of inactivity
We will not place limits on your account because you make "too much" money from referrals
We are a legit business. If you are making money, then we are too

We are NOT a no minimum payout website
We do NOT have a fixed minimum cashout 

Bait & Switch Tactics
We will NOT mislead you
We will NEVER make the # of ads required to earn from referrals higher than the number of ads available to avoid paying you
We will NOT ask the president of your country to call us to verify your withdrawal
We will always be clear and upfront with you

Last but not least, please understand we are not here to scam you or implement nonsense withdrawal restrictions.