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Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service

By signing up and using our website and services, you agree to all of the following terms and conditions.
These terms can, and will change from time to time for the sole purpose of improving our services while preventing malicious actors from harming the website and services. Please read our terms in it's entirety, use of our website and services constitutes as an agreement to the terms of service.

You are NOT allowed to use Cell Phone Devices, Tablets, Mobile Networks, VPN's, PROXIES, TOR, OR any form of anonymizing software or hardware.
You are NOT allowed to use any browsers or plugins which block ads, pop ups, javascript, cookies, site tracking or in general put our advertisers money at risk. 
We recommend a clean installation of Google Chrome on a desktop computer with a non-abusive residential connection for best results. 

You must use a laptop or desktop computer only in your own house using a residential connection. Failure to comply will result in no questions asked account termination. You will not be paid if you break these site rules. Once again, let it be clear that using mobile devices, virtual private networks, proxies, tor, or any software or hardware to try and hide your identity from us is not allowed. We are NOT reponsible if you "mistakenly" log in from a VPN, Tor, or Proxy or Mobile Device. Your account will be terminated and you have been warned.

We will make reasonable commercial efforts to ensure our web site and services are fully operational 24/7. However we may make our website temporarily unavailable to upgrade our servers or to mitigate bad actors.

Any attempts to cheat will result in a permanent ban. 
Any attempts to hack will result in a permanent ban along with submission of your data to goverment and local authorities.

We are not responsible for network or payment processor fees. While we may choose to cover fees for members every now and then. It should not be expected or demanded in any way. We do understand the importance of cashing out your money without incurring excessive fees. For this reason we continue to implement new payment methods that support micro transactions such as Bitcoin Cash. For more information on accepting cryptocurrencies as payments visit our forum.

Challenge.Gives aims to provide quality over quantity and simplicity over complexity. 
We promise to never place your ads where they will not be seen such as the bottom of the website or in crowded spaces. 
We promise to make our website fast and always available.
We promise to deny any and all ads which we deem to be low quality, reportedly contain malware or spyware, pose harm to our users, take too long to load, contain racist or foul language. 

Your account and earnings will never expire. 
You must click daily to earn from your referrals.
Only 1 account per household allowed.  
Our bans are permanent
Respect other members and respect yourself
Act responsibly
No Begging, or Sob Stories Allowed

Privacy and Security:
We care about the privacy and security of your information and we will not sell your information with third parties. We log all sessions in order to prevent fraud and maintain a healthy network of real active members. We keep logs of all ip addresses, emails, names + any additional information you provide to us directly or indirectly through the use of our website and services. We use this information to improve the experience of our website, monitor accounts to prevent fraud and to confirm that all policies are being followed. 

We perform backups hourly. Our backups are saved on third party wasabi cloud servers with strong restrictions that prevent the data from being modified or deleted. In case of any data failures, we will always have up to date copies available for yours and our protection. In addition, we carry own own local backups as we like to prepapre in advance for anything that may come our way.

While we feel well prepared to handle large traffic/attacks, we are also prepared to increase our resources and security to whatever extend it takes in order to provide 24/7 availability to our users. 

We are here to make money and help each other grow to new heights. Everyone is expected to lend a hand to those a step below and together climb the ladder without leaving anyone behind. Absolutely no racism, no violence, no hate, no bullying and no negativity is allowed to spread. There is a zero tolerance policy. This applies to all visitors, members, admins and moderators. If you break our no hate/violence policy you will be suspended and your funds will be locked indefinately. 

UPDATE March 13, 2021:
You Must Read & Understand English Well In Order To Use Our Website.
We reserve the right to change these terms of services at any time and for any reasons with or without notice.

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